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And Anything else you want to see. 





We really appreciate you considering our Drone Business

On the Fly Aerial Imagery " for capturing your favorite moments and subjects. 

That’s why we want to be sure we know exactly what you’re asking for.

 A beautiful sunny day with no clouds is the perfect theater for beautiful imagery. 

But when it comes to the outdoors, most of those things are out of our control. 

So we think ahead and plan accordingly.

Safety is our #1 Concern.

Some possible issues include: 

Bad weather, poor lighting, subject out of range, too much wind, beyond line of sight, airspace restrictions, crowds, aggressive wildlife, ect.

Having an alternative time or location is how to work with these variables.

Clear communication helps us understand your needs so we can satisfy them.



Please call 570-492-5086 for assistance.

It's also possible after a phone call we can shorten this process quite a bit.

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